Education and Competency Standards for Green Occupations in Canada

ECO Canada has released the 2011 survey of the state of environmental programs in Canada’s post-secondary educational institutions, updating its 2010 report. As of 2006, there was a total of 127,170 enrolments in environmental programs in universities and colleges in Canada, compared to 109,074 in 2001. Measuring enrolment numbers between 2006 and 2008, the report notes a transition in enrolment from colleges to universities, especially in 3 programs: natural resources and conservation, biological and biomedical science, and physical sciences.


In June 2011, the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute and the Environment Careers Organization of Canada (ECO Canada) announced an Environmental Professional in Greenhouse Gas – EP (GHG) – designation. This title is available to professionals who have been working for 5 or more years in the areas of GHG quantification or verification. (A trainee designation is also available for those with less than 5 years experience). ECO Canada has also released a scoping study for building operators, as a step toward defining and measuring a profession which can help reduce the amount of energy used in buildings in the commercial and institutional sectors.


Post-Secondary Environmental Education in Canada at:

Competencies for GHG Professionals: National Occupational Standards at:

Building Operators Scoping Study: 2011 Labour Market Research Study at:

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