A Plan and Green Jobs in a Greener Sector: British Columbia’s Forestry Industry

A paper released by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives in August 2011 envisions a more carbon-focused, “green” approach to the forests and forest industry of B.C. Author Ben Parfitt covers a lot of ground in this document, including the prospects for exports to China; the loss of wood processing jobs to other provinces; the need for a workable carbon tax accounting system for forestry. Of the employment benefits of a greener approach, the report estimates 2,630 new jobs from processing logs into solid wood, pulp and paper and bio-energy products in B.C. rather than out of province, 2,400 forest industry jobs from processing usable wood waste left behind at logging operations, 5,200 seasonal jobs in tree-planting and associated tree nursery work, as well as eventually 10,100 jobs as a result of increased higher value manufacturing. He provides detailed policy recommendations which centre on: greater secondary forest products manufacturing; maximum use of forest industry wood waste in a range of bio-products; greater forest conservation (with carbon credits acting as an incentive to achieving such conservation); and more effective reforestation efforts. As he has done before, Parfitt calls for a restoration of staff levels in the provincial Forest Service.



“Making the Case for a Carbon Focus and Green Jobs in BC’s Forest Industry” by Ben Parfitt is available from a link at:



BC forestry missing out on great green job potential at:

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