Jobs in the U.S. Recreational Tourism Sector

This report from the Center for American Progress reviews recent research in the United States on the direct, indirect, and induced jobs created by the conservation economy-recreational tourism, renewable energy, land restoration, and sustainable forestry and land management. The report estimates the size of the current job market in each of these sectors, with the disclaimer that these numbers are likely underestimated because of a scarcity of research on jobs in
restoration and forest management. The size of this sector is impressive, even if it is underestimated: recreation and tourism on Department of the Interior Lands is estimated at 388,000 jobs, with an additional 224,000 jobs on Forest Service Lands. The report makes 15 policy recommendations to encourage further job creation, including a call for increased effort to track the number of jobs and the economic impact of land conservation on rural communities.



The Jobs case for Conservation: Creating opportunity through stewardship of America’s public lands by Jessica Goad, Christy Goldfuss, and Tom Kenworthy is available at the Center for American Progress website at:


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