Keystone Pipeline Protest Includes a Concern for Lost Jobs

Dave Coles, President of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union, was among those arrested in Ottawa on September 26th for protesting against the Keystone XL pipeline from Alberta to Texas. The union has consistently opposed construction of the pipeline, on the grounds of environmental damage, energy security for Canada, and because of the loss of potential oil refining jobs in Canada. The CEP bases its arguments on a 2006 study by Informetrica, which estimated that the increased export of Alberta bitumen will cost the Canadian economy 40,500 potential direct and indirect jobs. CEP is calling on the federal government to reverse the decision to allow construction of the Keystone pipeline.



Communications Energy and Paperworkers Union Backgrounder on Keystone XL at:


National Energy Board Reasons for Decision regarding the Keystone Pipeline, case OH-1-207, issued in September 2007. Note chapter 9, which summarizes the socio-economic arguments made by CEP, the Alberta Federation of Labour, Parkland Institute and Dr. Laxer at: (English) (francais)

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