New CAW Policy on Transportation puts Sustainability as a Priority

At the first ever CAW Transportation Conference, held from September 23-25, the Canadian Auto Workers discussed a draft version of a new policy for transportation in Canada. The starting point of the policy is that “transportation must change”, because of three forces: climate change, peak oil, and globalization. The union states its goal: “to create a made-in Canada transportation system that is the most efficient, accessible, green and safe in the world”, based on four overarching principles: the transportation system must be environmentally sustainable, recognized as a public good, made-in-Canada, and a place for good jobs. For each of the transportation sectors (road, rail, air, marine) the paper outlines issues and proposes very specific solutions and policy goals. The document and an accompanying action plan will be discussed and voted on by the National Executive Board, and CAW and Quebec Councils.


We make it move: a vision for sustainable transportation at:


Press release about the Transportation conference at:

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