Job Forecasts for Renewable Energy in Ontario

The Review of Ontario’s Feed-in-Tariff program concluded its feedback phase on December 14, 2011. A joint submission to the Review by the Green Energy Act Alliance and Shine Ontario argues that the existing target of 13% of energy consumption from new renewables is too low to sustain job creation, and therefore proposes a target of 26% by 2018. This, it is claimed, would create over 300,000 full-time person-years of employment in manufacturing, development and construction and operational jobs. The report provides details about its job creation modeling for three renewable categories: 1) solar PV, 2) wind, and 3) biomass, biogas and hydro. The forecasts rely on the Jobs and Economic Development Impact (JEDI) tools developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Berkeley, California, as well as 2011 analysis by ClearSky Advisors and a 2010 report by Navigant Consulting for SkyPower.


Shine Ontario is a new Ontario provincial solar industry and professional association composed of independent professionals, leading utility-scale solar and commercial rooftop solar project developers, photovoltaic module manufacturers, engineering construction firms and leading environmental organizations throughout Ontario.



Ontario Government FIT Energy Review website at:


Green Energy Act Alliance and SHINE Ontario Submission is at:

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