Encouraging Clean Energy at State and Municipal Levels

The Pembina Institute has released a fact sheet and a backgrounder which describe and advocate the potential of municipalities to encourage renewable energy and reduce energy consumption. Clean Local Energy Available Now (CLEAN) contracts, known as feed-in-tariffs in Europe, have not been implemented in any Canadian cities yet, although a Renewable Energy Task Force in Edmonton, Alberta has examined the idea, and U.S. and German examples are named. Regarding jobs, the Fact Sheet states: “A FIT provides durable and predictable market conditions, essential to attracting infrastructure investment and developing local manufacturing capacity. The economic benefit of any clean energy project is directly related to the degree to which materials, components and labour can be locally sourced”.


A study of clean energy funds (CEFs) operated in 20 states in the U.S describes various models used by the funds to encourage the development of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, with short case studies of Massachusetts, California, and New York. Researchers conclude that, especially in the absence of coordinated federal policies, state-level clean energy funds can collectively become an important driver of national economic growth, if the CEF’s re-orient themselves from a project focus to broader economic development objectives, linked and coordinated with other agencies and stakeholders in the clean energy industry.



Renewable Energy: FIT for Cities Fact Sheet is at the Pembina Institute website at:
http://www.pembina.org/pub/2133; CLEAN Cities: A municipal financing option for supporting local renewable energy is at: http://www.pembina.org/pub/2306


Leveraging State Clean Energy Funds for Economic Development was released by the Brookings Institute at:



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