Re Northern Gateway Job Creation

Fact sheets at the Enbridge website claim that, with an estimated capital cost of $5.5 billion, construction of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline will create about 62,700 person-years of employment across Canada over 3 years (5,537 person-years of employment on actual on-site construction; 17,227 person-years in companies that directly supply goods and services, and 39,930 person-years of spin-off employment).: Enbridge has an educational and training strategy to utilize local workers, and in November 2011, the company announced a commitment of $1.5 million in core funding for a Gateway Education and Training Fund to train Aboriginal people in pipeline construction skills.




Enbridge’s Northern Gateway website at: provides an overview of the company’s estimates for job creation, or


See Socio-economic Fact Sheet at:


National Energy Board website for the Enbridge Northern Gateway Review Panel at:

(See the Public Registry for all official documents and submissions at:


CBC Northern Gateway Pipeline: benefits vs. concerns January 10, 2012, with links to related documents at:

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