Northern Gateway Pipeline Developments

The Canadian Energy Research Institute has released Oil Spills and First Nations: Exploring Environmental and Land Issues Surrounding the Northern Gateway Pipeline. It provides a good explanation of the issues and the process underway with the Northern Gateway pipeline review. According to this document, environmental issues are paramount and job creation is a very minor concern among the First Nations. The report is available at:
The Communications, Energy and Paperworkers union (CEP) presented evidence to the National Energy Board on January 31, calling for a delay in the decision on the Northern Gateway pipeline until a national energy policy is in place. The union includes a memo by Michael McCracken, principal of Informetrica Inc., who was retained by CEP to assess the potential impact of the Northern Gateway project. His report estimates 26,000 jobs would be lost if bitumen extracted in Alberta was exported rather than being upgraded in Canada. See the CEP Evidence at:, and the Memorandum from Informetrica, titled Employment Consequences of Exporting Bitumen, at:

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