Business Attitudes and Actions Toward Adaptation

In a report released in March and directed to Canada’s business community, the National Round Table on the Economy and the Environment presents case studies of the practical adaptation actions, experience and advice of what they call “climate pacesetters”. The thirteen Canadian firms profiled are: B.C.Hydro, Cameco, Coca Cola Canada, EBA Engineering Consultants, Entenergy, Hydro Quebec, J.D. Irving, Munich RE, Rio Tinto Alcan, Royal Bank of Canada, Summerhill Pyramid Winery, Tolco Industries, and Whistler Blackcomb. Companion documents: A Business Primer and an Advisory Report to Government, with research and recommendations on how government can support greater business adaptation to climate change.


Another recent report by Siemens UK surveyed six hundred businesses concerning their attitudes toward energy management and conservation, as well as the position of the Energy Manager within the company. The goal of the brief report is to serve as a foundation for the construction of a “Green League” of companies. Some sobering findings: while 79% of respondents claimed to take energy management seriously within their companies, 46% admit that they don’t know their current CO2 emission levels; 7% had investing nothing in the last 3 years on energy efficiency improvements, and 94% of energy managers have no formal qualifications relating to their role.


Facing the elements: building business resilience in a changing climate: case studies Report #5 in the NRTEE Climate Prosperity series at:


The Green League: How businesses are reacting to the green agenda is at:


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