Northern Gateway Pipeline Job Creation – Another Analysis

On March 21, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives released an analysis which reviews the economic case for the Northern Gateway Pipeline, with a focus on the claimed and projected employment impacts. Enbridge claims that the pipelines will create 63,000 person-years of employment during its construction phase, and 1,146 full-time jobs once completed. Marc Lee, author of the CCPA report, argues that these projections are “grossly overstated, and based on modeling that makes many unjustified assumptions”. He also criticizes Enbridge for ignoring the economic costs and environmental risks of the pipeline, including disruption to existing employment, potential job losses due to oil spills, and the economic costs of carbon emissions. Lee concludes that “The only jobs we can bank on are approximately 1,850 construction jobs per year for three years, and a handful of permanent new jobs once completed”. Lee also discusses the additional job creation opportunities that even minimal processing of oil sands bitumen in Canada would bring, and the greater job creation that could result from redirecting the $5 billion investment from oil sands to green jobs and industries.



Enbridge Pipe Dreams and Nightmares: The Economic Costs and Benefits of the Proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline at: 


For links to earlier studies on the Northern Gateway pipeline, see the February 2012 issue of the Work and Climate Change Report at:

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