Ontario Feed-In Tariff Review Affirms Domestic Content Regulations, Lowers Prices

The Ontario government announced on March 22 that it will accept all recommendations contained in the 2-year review of the Feed in Tariff program, including continuation of the domestic content regulations which encourage local manufacturing, and “creating more jobs sooner by streamlining the regulatory approvals process for projects”. The report states that “Since 2009, it is estimated that the program has created almost 2,000 direct manufacturing jobs… Other jobs related to the FIT Program are construction-based… For every 10,000 construction jobs created by the clean energy sector, almost $500 million in economic activity flows back into Ontario communities”. It also states that Ontario’s public colleges and universities have introduced new programs including training for wind turbine technicians; green business management; renewable energies technicians; sustainable energy and building technology; and clean and renewable energy engineering technology. In a statement entitled Moving Clean Energy Forward, the government outlines its future actions, including the development of a Clean Energy Economic Development Strategy by the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation. No target date is provided.


Ontario’s Feed-in-Tariff Program: Two year Review Report is at: http://www.energy.gov.on.ca/docs/en/FIT-Review-Report.pdf, and the Ontario government’s reaction is at Moving Clean Energy Forward at: http://news.ontario.ca/mei/en/2012/03/moving-clean-energy-forward.html


Response by Blue Green Canada to the FIT Review and the legislative debate concerning the Green Energy Act is at: http://www.bluegreencanada.ca/node/127 .

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