Profiles of British Columbia’s Green Economy

British Columbia is one of the members of the Pacific Coast Collaborative (PCC), along with California, Oregon, and Washington. The PCC commissioned GLOBE Advisors and the Center for Climate Strategies to identify opportunities for accelerated job creation and investment in a clean economy, defined as clean energy supply and energy efficiency, green buildings, clean transportation, and climate resiliency. The resulting report, The West Coast Clean Economy, released in March 2012, estimates clean economy contributions of $47.2 billion to GDP, and more than 508,000 full-time equivalent direct production jobs for the entire West Coast region in 2010. British Columbia is profiled, summarizing key policy, program and investment initiatives; B.C.’s 2010 current clean economy GDP is estimated at $7.4 billion and the number of direct jobs at 62,593.


A briefer profile based on a broader definition of green economy was released by B.C.Premier Christy Clark at the 2012 GLOBE Conference in Vancouver on March 14. B.C.’s Green Economy: Growing green jobs summarizes the policy initiatives which promote investment, cites exemplary companies, and provides statistics on job creation and training in each of B.C.’s clean tech, mining, forestry, tourism, agriculture, and transportation sectors. Statistics are given for 2008, estimating 117,160 direct and 48,840 indirect full-time equivalent green jobs (or 7.2% of total employment) for the entire province.


The West Coast Clean Economy is at:


B.C.’s Green Economy: Growing green jobs is at a B.C. government website at:

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