Update on British Columbia: Carbon Tax Under Review; Natural Gas Strategy Projects Job Growth

In February, British Columbia released two strategy documents, fleshing out plans for the natural gas industry which had been previously mentioned in the B.C. Jobs Plan.   The government press release claims that development of LNG will produce approximately $20 billion in new private sector investment, create 800 new long-term jobs in LNG facilities, up to 9,000 more jobs during construction, and thousands of spin-off jobs in transportation, engineering, construction and environmental management.


The B.C. government’s budget speech in late February confirmed that the government will increase the carbon tax as scheduled in 2012, but the tax will be frozen after that while the government conducts a one-year review of the impact on B.C.’s economy, especially on the agricultural sector. The budget press release is at: http://www.newsroom.gov.bc.ca/2012/02/budget-2012-focuses-on-a-stable-economy.html.



British Columbia’s Natural Gas Strategy: Fuelling BC’s economy for the next decade and beyond at: http://www.gov.bc.ca/ener/popt/down/natural_gas_strategy.pdf

Liquefied Natural Gas: A Strategy for B.C.’s Newest Industry at:


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