Public Opinion about Climate Change

An Angus Reid poll released in late June 2012 shows that 58% of Canadians believe “it is more important to protect the environment, even at the risk of hampering economic growth”. Only 45% of Americans and 43% of Britons agreed with that statement. The summary is at: with a link to the full report and tables.


In the U.S., a survey conducted by the University of Michigan compares the levels of concern for climate change among adults between 32 and 52 years of age. Only 16% were very or moderately interested in the issue (down from 22% in 2009). The detailed report, including where the cohort sources their information, and possible explanations for the lack of engagement is: Miller, Jon D. “Climate Change: Generation X Attitudes, Interest, and Understanding” in Generation X Report v. 1 #3 (Summer 2012) at:

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