Review of the B.C. Carbon Tax

The B.C. carbon tax, which began in 2008, applies to the purchase or use of fuels within the province, with revenues being returned to citizens in the form of reductions in other taxes. Its price is now frozen, awaiting the conclusion of a government review of the program, including revenue neutrality and the impact on the competitiveness of B.C. businesses, especially agriculture and food producers. Citizen’s submissions were accepted until the end of August 2012; the review continues to the end of the year. In June 2012, Sustainable Prosperity published its own review of B.C.’s carbon tax, by Stewart Elgie. Their report states that B.C.’s GDP growth has outpaced the rest of Canada’s by a small margin since 2008, while use of petroleum fuels has declined by 15.1% and GHG emissions have also shown a substantial reduction. See the B.C. Ministry of Finance Review website at:

For official documents, see British Columbia’s Carbon Tax Shift: the First Four Years at the Sustainable Prosperity website at: .

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