ILO sees “Tens of Millions of Green Jobs” Created Worldwide in all Sectors

Working Towards Sustainable Development is a report published by the ILO, as a result of the collaborative efforts of the Green Jobs Initiative (which includes UNEP, ILO, IOE and ITUC) and the International Institute for Labour Studies of ILO. In a comprehensive survey of green jobs around the world, the report documents the creation of “tens of millions” of green jobs across all sectors, and particularly in renewable energy. It concludes that “Concerns over job losses caused by greening the economy are therefore exaggerated.” The report also concludes that “outcomes for employment and incomes are largely determined by the policy instruments used and the institutions which implement them, rather than being an inherent part of the shift to a greener economy.” Outcomes are likely to be country-specific, with most gains to be made in developing economies. The report is structured according to specific sectors: agriculture, forestry, fisheries, energy, manufacturing, recycling, buildings, and transportation. Canada is mentioned throughout but not highlighted for any best practices. The report concludes with recommendations for policies that will ensure decent work and social inclusion.



Working Towards Sustainable Development: Opportunities for decent work and social inclusion in a green economy is available at the ILO website at:—dgreports/—dcomm/—publ/documents/publication/wcms_181836.pdf

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