Britain’s Trade Union Congress Calls for Long-Range Planning for a Just, Low-Carbon Economy

With the belief that a shift to a lower carbon economy is necessary and inevitable, the TUC looks ahead to the economic disruption likely to flow from new environmental regulation and the establishment of carbon markets in the next decade, and calls for more proactive government leadership and planning. In A Green and Fair Future for a Just Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy, the TUC outlines 5 principles that must be present to affect a “just transition”, including employee representation and involvement in decision-making bodies dealing with environmental transition, long-term planning necessary to achieve stable, safe employment; a fair distribution of costs across all levels of society; and a high level of commitment to change from government, trade unions and employer federations. The report focuses on the current state of public discussion and policy in the U.K., but surveys “Just Transition” initiatives in the U.S., Canada, Argentina, Spain, and the EU. Research for the document was performed by the Working Lives Research Institute at London Metropolitan University, and included interviews with officers from key unions, government advisors on environmental transition, representatives of NGOs and policy think tanks in the U.K.




A Green and Fair Future for a Just Transition to a Low Carbon Economy is available at:

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