Green Jobs: Analysis, Statistics and Definitions for OECD Countries

The 2012 edition of the annual OECD Employment Outlook Report was released in August, and includes Chapter 4: “What green growth means for workers and labour market policies: An initial assessment”. The chapter is a summary version of a study released by the OECD in June 2012: The Jobs Potential of a Shift to a Low-Carbon Economy. It analyses the impacts of green growth policies, particularly mitigation policies, on the labour markets of the developed OECD economies, and then examines how labour market and education/training policies can facilitate green growth. The Supplemental Material for Chapter 4 includes useful tables summarizing national definitions of green jobs, initiatives to estimate green employment, and green-specific employment and skill development programs. Information is derived from questionnaire responses from OECD member government ministries, as of November 2010.



2012 OECD Employment Outlook overview website is at: The full text is not available for free download; click on “Browse this book”, select Chapter 4, and click on the “free preview” link for a read-only version.


The Jobs Potential of a Shift to a Low-Carbon Economy (June 2012) is available in full at:


Supplemental Material for Chapter 4: Summary of Country Responses to the OECD Questionnaire on Green Jobs is available for download at:

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