Job Creation in B.C.’s Clean Economy

On October 11th, the Vancouver-based consultants, GLOBE Advisors, released three new studies which quantify job creation and highlight the public and private sector policies which have been effective in promoting the province’s clean economy. According to the press release, “In 2011, the Clean Energy Supply and Storage, Clean Transportation, and Green Building and Energy Efficiency sectors in B.C. were responsible for 123,350 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs (75,170 direct and 48,180 indirect) and over $15 billion in gross domestic product ($10.7 billion direct and $4.4 billion indirect).” The reports highlight demand and supply of specific occupations, such as engineers, technicians, and project managers. The other major focus of the reports is to identify the policy drivers and programs which can encourage further growth, with recommendations for the future. In addition to the perennial challenge of any Canadian company to find capital for innovation and expansion, the other important barriers to growth included access to skilled labour, education, and training. These three reports continue and build upon the analysis in the previous West Coast Clean Economy study (March 2012).  



GLOBE Advisors webpage for the 3 studies is at: Free downloads of the reports and technical documents are available from here by providing registration information.


West Coast Clean Economy Report: Opportunities for Investment & Accelerated Job Creation
(March 2012) examines members of the Pacific Coast Collaborative (PCC): California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. It is available at:

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