Using Information Technology to Improve Sustainable Operations in U.S. Government Workplaces

A new report from The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES) (formerly the Pew Center on Global Climate Change) provides 8 case studies to highlight how the U.S. federal government is using innovative information and communication technology to achieve efficiencies, reduce operating budgets, and reduce energy consumption. One of the pilot projects, led by the General Services Administration (the landlord of federal government buildings), combines the latest mobility and collaboration tools with flexible office layout and telework to reduce office space requirements, resulting in a 45% reduction in energy use. Changes were guided by a Space Advisory Committee (composed of non-supervisory employees, union representatives and the GSA project team), and included regular communication to and from employees, training on the new technology tools, and management buy-in symbolized by the sacrifice of individual office space by managers. In an employee satisfaction survey at the conclusion of the pilot project, 78% of workers responded that the new workspace “adequately supported personal productivity”. Other interventions highlighted in case studies: reduction of printing, migration to email cloud services, improved energy efficiency in building standards, use of alternative energy, and improved fleet management.



Leading by Example: Using Information and Communication Technologies to achieve Federal Sustainability Goals (all case studies) is available at: .


GSA’s Prototype Alternative Workspace: Redesigning the Federal Workplace for the 21st Century is available at:

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