Environmental Activists Gather in Ottawa

Ottawa/Gatineau was the scene of speeches, workshops, panels, and demonstrations for environmental justice. PowerShift 2012 was scarcely covered in the mainstream press, but reports of the group activities are at the PowerShift website at  http://www.wearepowershift.ca/about-1, including videos of some of the speeches (Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben). For thoughts on the relationship of the labour movement and environmental activists, read “Pondering Powershift 2012: What’s up with Canada’s Blue-Green Alliance?” by Joel Davison Harden in the latest issue of Our Times at http://ourtimes.ca/Between_Times/article_242.php.

A manual published in Summer 2012 by the Labor Solidarity Network in the U.S. offers specific guidance to reduce such blue-green tensions. Jobs Beyond Coal: A Manual for Communities, Workers, and Environmentalists by Jeremy Brecher is “intended for communities, unions, environmentalists, native tribes, public officials, and anyone involved in or affected by coal retirement campaigns.” It outlines strategies and techniques to help those campaigning for renewable energy to win support and reduce opposition from workers, unions and communities. See http://report.labor4sustainability.org/coal_2012.pdf.

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