U.S. Case Studies of Energy Efficiency as a Job Creator

An October report by the American Council for an Energy- Efficient Economy (ACEEE) provides six case studies that showcase the direct, indirect and induced jobs resulting from energy efficiency projects at: OPower, New York City Greener Greater Buildings, Nissan North America, Ohio Low-income Weatherization, Johnson Controls (Wisconsin), and General Electric Appliance Park. The case studies describe programs, policies, investments, partnerships, and business models. It also includes “Job Analysis 101”, a useful, non-technical explanation of how the ACEEE arrives at its job creation estimates, with clear definitions of the terms used.   




Energy Efficiency Job Creation: Real World Experiences by Casey Bell is available at http://aceee.org/files/pdf/white-paper/energy-efficiency-job-creation.pdf What is an energy efficient job? at http://aceee.org/blog/2012/10/what-energy-efficiency-job is a related blog which summarizes this report but also includes discussion of the methodology in the form of questions from readers, with answers by Casey Bell.

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