The Green Budget Coalition Releases Recommendations for 2013

The Green Budget Coalition’s Recommendations for Budget 2013 was released in November, with the following “feature recommendations” for the federal budget: 1) Subsidy Reform in the Extractive Industries; 2) National Conservation Plan: Securing Canada’s Natural Advantage for Future Generations; 3) Strengthening Canada’s Environmental Law and Science Capacity; and 4) Green Infrastructure in First Nations Communities. Regarding the reform of extractive industries such as oil and gas, the Coalition proposes three changes: enable the Canadian Exploration Expenses (CEE) subsidy only for unsuccessful exploration; remove the Accelerated Capital Cost Allowance (ACCA) for the mining sector; and do not renew the Mineral Exploration Tax Credit (METC) for flow-through shares. The report includes a table, which costs each recommendation; for example, the subsidy reforms, they estimate, would combine to produce a savings of approximately $345 million per year. The Green Budget Coalition (GBC) was founded in 1999, and brings together sixteen leading Canadian environmental and conservation organizations.



Recommendations for Budget 2013 is available at:

Archive of past annual recommendations is at:

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