New Green Jobs Map for Canada, Ontario

The latest report from ECO Canada, Green Jobs Map, focuses on “the major contributing industries in the Canadian green economy, essential green competencies within these industries, and the requisite green skills and training that professionals need in order to work in these particular occupations.” The report makes a distinction between those jobs that are linked to a green economy and also require environmental skills (which is the focus), and the larger universe of jobs that are found in green industries, sectors and companies, but do not require special environmental skills (which are not included). The report is based on analysis of 835 job postings, drawn from a database of online job vacancy advertisements throughout Canada, appearing from March through May 2012.


A separate, supplementary report developed in partnership with Toronto-based Evergreen uses the same database to focus on Ontario’s green economy and finds, for example, that 58% of green job opening were at private sector employers. Amongst those companies, 67%of the green job postings were at environmental consulting, engineering or architectural firms.



Green Jobs Map:Tracking Employment through Canada’s Green Economy is available from a link at: (registration required).


Supplementary Report: Ontario is available at the Evergreen website at:

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