Public Opinion Polls Consider: Do Canadians Still Care?

Two recent surveys consider Canadians’ attitudes toward climate change and Ontario’s green energy policies, respectively. As part of their Focus Canada series, Environics recently carried out a poll to consider the question “Climate Change: Do Canadians still care?” The survey is based on telephone interviews conducted with 1,500 Canadians between November 15 and December 5, 2012, and respondents were asked 5 questions. 


A clear majority believe climate change is real, that government must take the lead role through new regulations, and that citizens like themselves must help pay for the necessary actions through taxes and higher prices for the goods and services they consume. 64% of British Columbians support their three-year old carbon tax, and there is clear support for this type of climate change tax in most other parts of the country.


A second opinion poll, commissioned by Friends of the Earth Canada and conducted by Oraclepoll Research, found that 83% of Ontarians believe it is important to have more renewable, green energy in Ontario to deal with climate change and help reduce record levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Only 11% of respondents believe that it is not important to take action. The survey also found that 73% of respondents feel that the WTO should not be able to override Ontario’s plans to encourage investment in green energy.     


For Environics Focus Canada poll results, click here


Oraclepoll for Friends of the Earth Canada is available at:

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