Keystone XL Pipeline: Union Opposition

Dave Coles, President of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union (CEP) delivered a strong statement against the Keystone XL pipeline at a conference at City University of New York in January 2013. Although the CEP represents 35,000 members employed in oil and gas extraction, transportation, refining, and conversion in the petrochemical and plastics sectors, Coles stated in his speech: “We oppose the proposed Keystone XL pipeline and call on President Obama to reject the project. Climate pollution from the bitumen sands industry is already considerable and will only get worse by approving Keystone XL. The Canadian government’s aggressive lobbying in the U.S. in favor of the pipeline is an embarrassment. I have been arrested in the fight against Keystone XL because our union understands that this pipeline is bad for both the environment and Canadian workers. The pipeline will take potential upgrading and refining jobs away from Canadians and put our country’s energy security at risk.” The Canadian Labour Congress passed the following resolution at its 2011 Conference: “The CLC willpromote the creation of good jobs for Canadians through increased processing of Canadian natural resources, including bitumen, within Canada, stopping the Keystone XL Pipeline from commencing its activities, and actively supporting the Canadian petrochemical industry.”


Keystone XL Pipeline: Bad for the environment and Canadian Workers is at the CEP website at:, and was reproduced at on January 17 at:


Canadian Labor Congress resolution at:

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