International Policies to Encourage Building Retrofits and Energy Efficiency

A January report from the International Energy Agency attempts to evaluate the effectiveness of various economic policies to improve energy efficiency. A large part of the report consists of detailed case studies of incentive programs for the buildings sectors in France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, and Canada. The Canadian case study highlights the ECO-Energy Retrofit Homes program, which ran from 2007 to 2012. The report concludes that it was “relatively effective” in delivering the expected results, but that “changes will be needed to reach a significant reduction in energy consumption from residential buildings of the order of 50% by 2050”. The program reached approximately 5% of low rise housing in Canada, and achieved an average 24% improvement in energy performance of participating homes. The report also estimates that the program supported the direct creation of 2000 energy advisor jobs, as well as construction installation jobs and jobs in insulation, window and door manufacturing (which it does not attempt to quantify).



Mobilising Investment in Energy Efficiency: Economic Instruments for Low-Energy Buildings is available at:

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