Future Green Jobs and Workplaces: The Need for Health and Safety Protection

A report released by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work identifies and forecasts the key new technologies that may be introduced in green jobs by 2020, and the possible risks they will bring to the workplace. The report constructs three scenarios (win-win; bonus world; and  deep green), and for each scenario, forecasts the future of jobs in wind energy, green construction, waste management and recycling; green transport; green manufacturing; domestic and small-scale energy; energy storage and transmission.  It concludes with wide-ranging and thoughtful observations about the likely changes to work processes and materials, and argues convincingly that there is “a need for a systematic, prior OSH assessment of any new technology, product and process at a very early development stage that considers the entire life cycle, from ‘cradle to cradle’ (i.e. including design, manufacture, transport, installation, operation and maintenance, decommissioning, treatment of waste and later reuse). Integrating prevention into the design is more efficient, as well as cheaper, than retrofitting OSH; this needs to start now for safe future green jobs.”


Green jobs and occupational safety and health: Foresight on new and merging risks associated with new technologies by 2020 is at https://osha.europa.eu/en/publications/reports/green-jobs-foresight-new-emerging-risks-technologies

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