Canadians are as Concerned about the Environment as the Economy

On November 6th, the results of a new public opinion poll about climate change, carbon taxes, and the relationship between the environment and the economy were showcased at a series of events titled The Politics of Climate and the Climate of Politics in Ottawa. The poll, conducted by think-tank Canada 2020 and the Université de Montréal, measured Canadian and American opinions, and showed that 71% of Canadians believe that climate change should be a top priority for the Conservative federal government – while only 16% of Canadians believe it actually is. 26% of Canadians believe that the Conservative government is doing a good job at addressing economic and employment issues, only 19% think the government is adequately addressing environmental issues, and only 16% believe Canada is showing international leadership on climate change.


The Canada 2020/Université de Montréal National Survey of Canadian Opinions on Climate Change is available at:, with Highlights and links to interactive maps at:

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