House of Commons Standing Committee Applauds the Oil and Gas Industry

In the lead-up to the Northern Gateway decision, on June 11th the House of Commons Standing Committee on Natural Resources presented its 7th Report on the Cross-country Benefits of the Oil and Gas Industry. The report selectively reproduces the testimony of industry-affiliated witnesses, and quotes the Assistant Deputy Minister of Natural Resources Canada, who is reported to have said that “the socio-economic benefits from the oil and gas industry are universally positive.” Not only socio-economic benefits, but, according to the Standing Committee, “the development of the oil and gas industry generates various environmental benefits, including improved air quality, water quality, and reforestation. Many of these improvements are achieved through world-class innovation and clean technologies developed and supported by the industry”.

Dissenting reports from the Liberal and New Democratic members of the committee attempt to give voice to some of the less enthusiastic witnesses. See the report at (English version) or (French version). Briefs and evidence submitted are not available online, but the oral testimony and minutes of the committee meetings can be read at (English) (French version).

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