Work and Climate Change Report

Canada’s Climate Change policy: Trudeau needs Unions

In an OpEd in The Hill Times , (February 1) Carla Lipsig Mumme argues that “Trudeau Needs Unions to Achieve his Ambitious Climate Agenda” – pointing out that unions can identify opportunities for GhG reductions in work processes , bargain collectively for change, and educate members in climate literacy. Canada’s Climate Action Network , which includes the Canadian Labour Congress, as well as CUPE, NUPGE, and the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation, called on all governments to make job creation the priority for Canada’s climate action plan and released a backgrounder: One Million Climate Jobs: A Challenge for Canada . With a similar message, BlueGreen Canada published “Just Transition Needed for Canada’s Climate Change Plans” . Formal discussions by Federal and Provincial-Territorial Environment ministers on January 29 launched the post COP21 process to achieve Canada’s new national framework to fight climate change. On March 2, Prime Minister Trudeau will discuss climate change with First Nations, Inuit and Métis leaders, followed by another meeting with the Premiers on March 3; both meetings will be in Vancouver. An overview of provincial positions, especially on carbon pricing, appeared in The Globe and Mail (Feb. 17) “Ottawa seeks to set National Minimum on Carbon Pricing”  .