Great Bear Forest Agreement hailed as a Model for Forest Protection

First Nations, environmental groups, the forest industry, and the government of British Columbia announced on February 1, 2016  that, after years of negotiations, they had reached agreement to establish “ecosystem-based management in the Great Bear Rainforest.” Under the new agreement, a greater proportion of old growth forest within the 6.4 million hectares will be protected; 85% of the total forest will be protected and 15% will be available for logging.   Forest Ethics hailed the announcement calling it  “a ground-breaking model for other forest regions of the world”. David Miller of WWF calls the forest agreement “momentous”, but writes in Policy OptionsJob Only half Done to protect Great Bear Region” . The WWF have been part of efforts to protect the adjacent Great Bear Sea from the threats of oil and gas pipelines. For detail, see the earlier Policy Options article, “MaPP: A Big Plan for the Great Bear Sea”    .

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