Aviation Industry – the Pivotal Climate Change issue of 2016?

airplaneThe global airline industry accounts for more GHG emissions than either South Korea or Canada – about 2% of global emissions, and expected to triple by 2050 without new policies.  The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)  has pledged to adopt  a proposed Global Market-Based Mechanism (GMBM) to curb emissions in September 2016.  In light of the importance of the issue, an international alliance of environmental groups, including the International Coalition for Sustainable Aviation (ICSA) has launched FlightPath 1.5 , with the goal to make “ aviation emissions the pivotal climate change issue of 2016.”  Download their Checklist for an Effective Plan to Cut Aviation Global Warming Pollution  here . The National Observer (March 24) provides an overview of the issue; for a comprehensive discussion, refer to Raising Ambition to Reduce International Aviation and Maritime Emissions,  published by New Climate Economy in 2015.  See “How significant a source of emissions is air travel?”  for background and progress  in the U.S. , and Reducing emissions from Aviation website for a European overview.

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