News updates for June 2016: Quebec introduces bill to mandate electric vehicle sales

The Government of Quebec introduced Bill 104, An Act to increase the number of zero-emission motor vehicles in Québec  on June 2 2016 . Hearings will begin in August, and if passed, the bill would set a quota requiring that 15.5 percent of all cars sold in the province by 2025 be zero-emission vehicles. For commentary and context, read  “Quebec, Ontario back different Approaches to drive Clean Vehicle Uptake”  in the PICS Climate Examiner , and Marc Jaccard’s essay in Policy Options, “Effective climate change regulation: Let’s transform Canadian cars”   .  An up to date report  on Volkswagen’s new shift to electric vehicle production appears  in  the PICS Climate Examiner (June 22). The International Energy Association reports a global population of over million EV’s in its new  Global EV Outlook 2016:  Beyond One Million Electric Cars .

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