U.K. Trade Unionists consider their response to Climate Refugees



Fort McMurray Alberta 2016

A sold-out conference on February 11 in the U.K. brought trade unionists and environmental and human rights groups together to consider the plight of climate refugees. “Climate Refugees – The Climate Crisis and Population Displacement: Building a Trade Union and Civil Society Response”  was led by the UK’s Campaign Against Climate Change    and Friends of the Earth UK , and supported  by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) , Fire Brigades Union, Unite, Unison, National Union of Teachers,  and others. The existential threat of natural disasters (including the fires at Fort McMurray in Alberta) was cited, and delegates were told that in the past six years over 140 million people have been displaced through climate-related disasters – one person every second. climate-refugees.jpg

The goal of the conference was “to dispel myths about refugees, debate the need for the need for a global response based on justice and solidarity including the need for legal protection for those being displaced by the climate crisis, and discuss how we can build a powerful movement that can demand stronger government leadership on this fundamental issue.” The  Conference agenda is  here , and includes a sign-up opportunity for those who want to be updated on related news ; a summary of some presentations is here  .

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