U.K. launches Green Jobs Taskforce aiming for 2 million green jobs by 2030

The Climate Ambition Summit on December 12  marks the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement, to be co-hosted by the U.N. and the United Kingdom and France. In advance of the Summit, the U.K. has made high-profile announcements, including A Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution (Nov. 18),which aims for  the creation of 250,000 green jobs, and on December 3, an announcement that it will  reduce greenhouse gas emissions “by the fastest rate of any major economy” – with an ambitious new target of at least 68% reduction compared to 1990 emissions levels, by 2030.

Green Jobs Taskforce

Receiving less attention was another announcement on November 12: the launch of a Green Jobs Taskforce. The press release  announces that the Taskforce sets “ a clear ambition to support 2 million green jobs by 2030 ….. to set the direction for the job market as we transition to a high-skill, low carbon economy.” The Green Jobs Taskforce met for the first time on November 12 under the leadership of the Minister of Business, Clean Energy and Growth, and the Minister of Skills; it includes representation from workers ( the TUC Deputy General Secretary), as well as representatives from business and the skills sector. Specifically, the Taskforce is meant to “focus on the immediate and longer-term challenges of delivering skilled workers for the UK’s transition to net zero”:

  1. Ensuring we have the immediate skills needed for building back greener, such as in offshore wind and home retrofitting.
  2. Developing a long-term plan that charts out the skills needed to help deliver a net zero economy.
  3. Ensuring good quality green jobs and a diverse workforce.
  4. Supporting workers in high carbon transitioning sectors, like oil and gas, to retrain in new green technologies.”

Reaction from the Greener Jobs Alliance (GJA) points out the discrepancy between the 250,000 jobs target in the Ten Point Plan and the 2 million jobs discussed in the Taskforce announcement.  GJA also calls for:

  • “a skills policy that is properly funded and built on a long-term strategy of quality apprenticeships and upskilling of the current and future workforce
  •  co-ordinated local, regional, national and sector frameworks in the development of jobs for the future
  • full union engagement in policy development and delivery to ensure a just transition at different levels and sectors of the economy
  • introduction of a legal right to appoint trade union green reps in the workplace.
  • restoration of support for the Unionlearn fund
  • comprehensive changes to procurement and supply chain policies to ensure the potential for local employment growth is maximised, and that is based on union recognition and decent terms and conditions of employment
  • a Green New Deal which supports local recovery models as part of an industrial strategy that is clearly aligned with the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.”

1 thought on “U.K. launches Green Jobs Taskforce aiming for 2 million green jobs by 2030

  1. It will not happen. It’s all bluff and bluster the EngGov are investing £billions in ‘defense’ however.
    Scotland on the other hand is investing hugely, (against massive odds with both arms tied behind their back by the English government) in renewables and already has enough wind and hydro to power Scotland twice over much of the year. However the EngGov remove much of Scotland’s energy for England, and also Ineos are flaring gas (excess is shippped into Scotland to burn) which takes our pollution levels up, it can be quite noxious even living very many miles away. That power is reserved to the ‘UK’ government ie Scotland can do nothing to stop it they don’t have those governmental levers.
    Many areas of crucial government are reserved to Westminster in London, defense, most areas of energy, broadcasting, telecommuinications, nuclear, most taxes, the list is very long. People in UK and abroad just do not understand devolution, that most powers are reserved to London, and that the English treasury removes Scotland’s massive oil wealth (trillions) and massive revenues, sending a few crumbs back and call it a ‘grant’. Scotland would end dirty oil, they don’t need it, their renewables resources are more than enough to keep the lights on. I could say much more. Hopefully Scotland will be independent very soon, if the EngGov do not either enact a coup or dismantle our parliament which they can actually do.

    Sorry long comment.

    Scotland’s finances.

    Scotland’s energy news. It’s a good site and if you register (it is free) you can access many more specific articles/news etc.


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